S3 Friends are Gifts (7x7)
S10 Wedding Ring Sampler, 13 or 18 mesh (8x6)
S21A Baby Sleeping with Ducks, Blue (7x5)
S21B Baby Sleeping with Ducks, Pink (7x5)
S23A Castl Door Hanging, Prince, 18 mesh (6x6)
S23B Castle Door Hanging, Princess, 18 mesh (6x6)
S26 I Think I Can (13x5)
S28A Baby Sleeping Bunnies (7x5)
S28B Baby Sleeping, Bear (6" diameter)
S29 Welcome Tulips (7.5x5.5)
S30D Please Come In, Bouquet (4x7)
S30F Please Come In, Wreath (7x7)
S31 No Place Like Home (7x7)
S33 I'm In The Garden (7x4)
S34A Picket Fence, Party's In Back (5x4)
S34B Picket Fence, I'm In The Garden (5x4)
S35 True Friend (6x4.5)
S36 Brownie (7x5)
S37 Counting Sheep (7x5)
S38 Friends Gift (6x6)
S39 Come On In/Rainbow (5.5x5)
S40 Chessie Sleeping (7x5)
S41 No Crocodiles? (10x6)
S45 Rose/Bee Come In (8x5)
S46 Spider/Fly Come In (7x5)
S47 Big/Little Fish Come On In, 10 mesh (7x5)
S48 Please Come In Shell (7x5)
S60 Happy Birthday (6x6)
S61 Merry Christmas (6x6)
S62 Come On In/Door (6x6)
S63 Please Come In (6x6)
S64 Our Baby Sleeping (6x6)
S65 Dream Big (8x5)
S66 Ice Cream (9x5)
S67 Love and Chocolate (10x7)
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